The Revenue Acceleration Formula Portfolio


These are the 15 RAF Platforms that will Drive Your Business Success. Each of these platforms build upon each other to increase the rate of change of your sales velocity. They are typically launched in order but overlap in their implementation. Click any any of the Formula Tools to read more.

The BEST System is the Framework and Tools for defining your Target Outcome and achieving your success.Read more on the BEST System
Your Value Proposition is determined by how well you answer the 3 Wills and 3 HowsRead more on 3 Wills & 3 Hows
The 10C’s of Marketing is the structure for all your customer conversations from Suspect to lifetime Client. Read More on Niches for Riches
Your Customers are distributed across the entire ranges of the Educational Spectrum. Most do not know anything about your Products and Services. You will need to nurture their education.Read more on the BEST System
As your prospective Customers consider purchasing your Products and Services they will review the Positives, Objections and Vendor Selection. You must understand their POV.Read more on Point Of View
Your Competitors want to steal your Customers, the Internet has put the Buyer in Control, Technology is constantly changing and the global Economy is volatile.Read More on Competitve Forces
The Marketing Equation is easy to list: Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer. But oh so difficult to execute well.Read more on the Marketing Equation
In order to Accelerate Revenues you will have to create Content for each of the 7R’s of the Customer Purchase Cycle.Read more on 7R's of Content
All the elements of Why and How your Customers buy must be integrated into your Go To Market plan.Read More on Competitve Forces
Everything on your Website needs to be unique and engaging. 7R’s content moving Customers through the Educational Spectrum and No Platitudes allowed…Read more on the Unique Web Presence
A disciplined and automated Lead Generation process is an absolute necessity for Revenue Acceleration.Read more on Lead Generation
You will Accelerate Revenues when understand and serve your customers’ needs. Spirit of Service Selling will help you make this happen.Read More on Spirit of Service Selling
Once you have a Customer Lead you have to move them through your sales funnel to a purchase. You need to focus on Funnel phase conversion ratios and shortening the time interval to next phase.Read more on the Sales Funnel Conversion
Turning Customers into loyal Clients who are fanatical in their praise of your products and services is essential for Revenue Acceleration. Client referrals are also key to exponential revenue growth.Read more on Fanatical Clients
Your business cannot succeed without Partners – Development, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Support. Synergistically combining your strengths with your Partners will dramatically accelerate your revenues.Read More on Partnerships